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Winding through 33 miles of towering Himalayan cliffs, and rising to an elevation of 3518 feet. The Khyber Pass has been a crossing point for many generations of Central Asia travelers. At one point is the town of Shadi Bagiar, in Pakistan. And at the other end is the plain of Loi Dakka, in Afghanistan. In ancient times, this pass was the only negotiable route between northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. As such, it has been used to the stretigic advantage of the armies of Persian, Greeks, Moughals, Afghans and British, among others. Ancient fortress and watchtowers line the sides of this narrow corridors, witness to a parade of cultures and kings. In the 5th Century B.C. Darius 1 the Great of Persia conquered the country around Kabul and marched through the Khyber Pass to the Indus River. Throughout the 11th to 18th centuries, the pass was used by Persian and Afghan Kings in their invitations of India. Later the British controlled Afghan border from the fort of Landi Kotal. At a high point in the pass. The Khyber Pass is threaded by caravan track and partly by paved roadway. In 1925, a railway was opened. Wtih 34 tunnels and 94 bridges and culverts. The 26-mile long Khyber railway, was a remakable feat of engineering for its time, It revolutionized travel in the area.

Premium food at affordable price.

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Perhaps the most romantic place in the city.

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